Hi, beautiful bean,

I’m Em. I live out of my van, often don't know the day of the week (or the last time I showered), can’t help but sing through life in metaphor, and will never stop dancing. Oh, and laughing. I like to say there’s a giggle count at the end of life and I’m trying to break the record. I paint auras, read souls, and write about love and life. The aura offering was birthed by the rhythm of harmonizing what lives beyond the stars with the elements of the earth; guided by the light in my heart. I hope you feel the freedom of barefoot dancing in the sand, the joyful nature of stargazing in a desolate desert, the pure wonder of other worlds, and bliss of being all that you are by reflection.

Every brushstroke carries this memory to you. Every painting is an offering for you to remember, too.

This is my hearts intent.