There is no universal way to read aura. Just like you, your aura is 100% unique.

First, let's touch on the many mysteries of interpreting aura.

Blue could mean that a person is more introverted if it shows up close to the face (in the auric field of emotion). Depending on its hue, it could mean that the individual is an old soul or is currently carrying the memory of another lifetime. Its placement above the head could indicate that the person is tapped into their psychic senses, or at the throat might indicate that they are in tune with their authentic expression. However, it's important to notice how the energy moves and its density. If it is condensed at the throat, it may indicate that this person is holding back from being in their fullest expression of truth. It could also mean that they are sitting on an egg of imagination and creative expression. Another thing to consider is empathy. Empaths typically have blue in their aura and tend to carry energy from others. Blue is also how Archangel Michael appears, so you might have a guide or angelic protector with you.

All of that to say, it's important to TRUST YOUR INTUITION. Be open to the many interpretations. Be present to the ever-evolving wonder of your auric field.

Aura is energy, and energy is ever-flowing.

I do not work from a chart, but I did my best to create this one above. Let's explore some of its meaning together, shall we?

The location of color is important to note when reading energy. The left side holds more internal energies and connects us to our divine feminine and maternal ancestors. It is our moon side, our shadow counterpart. The right side is our sun side and often displays how one shows up in the world, and how they interact with external energies. This side carries the energy of our paternal ancestors. The top of the head (crown chakra) is our connection to the spirit realm, our Higher Self, and the energy of the present moment. This might indicate what is present for the individual at this particular moment in time.

The left side often carries the energy of our Soul in its pure essence, while the right side might present us with many layers of Self. I see this version of Self differently than the ego, where this may guide us through personality traits, life experiences, etc. through this lifetime that have been picked up to form this version if YOU that your soul wanted to experience; to be.

Aura colors can be understood through the chakra system

Now, we must'nt forget the intro paragraph exploring the many ways we can interpret a single color. Again, intuition is important! There are many incredible books that go much deeper into understanding your aura and teach about the sacred chakra system.

I created the chart above as a simple way to understand color through this lens. Each chakra center includes a mantra that can be chanted to bring that center into its true vibrational resonance.

This is our connection to the element of earth. It carries both the energy of Gaia (Mother Earth) and our connection to our own mother. Occasionally, our root system provides insight into where we came from, and where we're rooted beyond this earth. In the simplest form, our root chakra provides support. If red is showing up in an aura, it could mean that the person is deeply rooted and passionate. Depending on the location, it could also show that there is stress at the root or conflict in our connection to mother. The root chakra is connected to our sense of smell, so activating this sense provides a nice way of bringing any stagnant energy into motion–get out and smell the roses!!!

Our sacral space is connected to water and our emotional bodies. I like to say it is the center for our seed. This center carries the energy of the inner child. It is where we hold a magnitude of freedom, passion, and creative juices. It is connected with our sense of taste. I like to say that orange aura's are good at "tasting life's sweetness" as if to see life through the pure eyes of a child.


GREEN (and Pink!) = HEART